Cosmetic Dentistry, Tooth Whitening and Gum Depigmentation, Recontouring

Want to improve your smile? There is quite an obvious answer for this i.e., Yes! The best dentists in Hyderabad offer you an end number of options for this.Due to countless dental issues, there is no doubt that cosmetic dentistry in on the rise. The dentists in Hyderabad transform your teeth to deliver you a beautiful smile.

Types of cosmetic dentistry:

The Dental Hospitals in Hyderabad offer world-class treatment and deliver various types of cosmetic dentistry. They are: -

  • Dental veneers
    Veneers looks like a thin shell, which are made up of porcelain. The best dentists in Bhimavaram make it custom made and cemented on the front side of the tooth. These veneers are used to treat dental conditions such as crooked tooth, chipped teeth, and if there is space between the teeth.
  • Cosmetic dental implants
    Dental implants, done by the dental clinics in Mancherial, are used to replace the teeth when they are lost. In the process of dental implant, the dentist in Hyderabad inserts a minor screw inside the jaw where the tooth is missing. While this process is going on, the patient has to practice diligent oral hygiene so that plaque and food debris gets cleaned from the area.
  • Dental bonding
    In the process of dental bonding, a plastic material which looks like your tooth is applied on the tooth, which is hardened with the help of ultraviolet rays. After that, the expert trims, shapes, and polishes the teeth so that it looks good.
  • Inlays and outlays
    It is also called indirect filling which is made by the dental laboratory and it is used when the tooth is decaying. The inlay is placed over the tooth surface and the outlay is used to cover the full tooth.

Tooth whitening

Regular brushing and flossing are the simple ways by which you can keep your teeth bright, white, and healthy. But if you think that they are lacking in sparkle, then you can take the process of teeth whitening, which is offered by the dental clinics in Hyderabad.

The reasons of teeth change in colour: -

  • Food and drink which we eat and drink on daily basis
  • Inhaling tobacco
  • Age is also an essential factor
  • Any trauma
  • Medicines are going on

How the process of teeth whitening works?

It is a simple process in which the dentists in Hyderabad apply some whitening products to the teeth. The main work of these products is to break the stains into minor pieces by which the teeth become white.

Do teeth whiten work on all types of teeth?

Not possible, but you can consult the dental hospital in Kukatpally before deciding for it. As some individuals have yellow and some have brown, so yellow colour can easily be removed but not brown.

On the other hand, it will not work on caps, veneers, crowns, fillings, if there is some tooth injury, or if any medication is going on.

Gum depigmentation

Are your gums being dark in colour?

Do you hide your smile just because of your gums and feel very ashamed? After consulting the dentist in Hyderabad, you can smile wonderfully….. This can be done with the help of a dentist who offers you a treatment called depigmentation. If there is excess melanin pigmentation in your gums, then they become dark. During this treatment, the dentist removes the superficial layer of dark gums which is replaced by natural pink gums.With the advancement in dentistry, the individuals have better option as they can take this treatment with the help of laser.


It is also called reshaping of the teeth in which minor amount of tooth enamel is removed so that the shape, surface, length of the teeth can be changed.The main purpose of this treatment is to offer attractive appearance to the person, which is spoiled due to imperfection.

It is a cosmetic treatment which is offered by the dental hospitals in Kukatpally and it is very easy, quick, and painless treatment whose result can be seen immediately.

What is the reason for considering recontouring?

  • To fix small chips
  • If there is a pit in a tooth enamel
  • To adjust the length of the canines
  • To adjust imperfect tooth

It is the best treatment which can easily improve the overall dental health with removing of crevices or overlaps, by which plaque and tartar will not get deposited.