Dental Implants, Single tooth replacement and Complete teeth replacement

Good teeth mean awesome smile and excellent overall health!
The problem of teeth is very common in a country like India where people try their own home remedies instead of consulting a doctor. They only consult a dentist when the pain crosses its limit or becomes worse.

If any person wants to get dental implants, single tooth replacement or complete teeth replacement, then he/she can consult the best dental hospitals in Hyderabad for dental implants in Hyderabad which offer world class treatment with full satisfaction.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to replace a single tooth, or you can say various teeth so that they can restore the previous functions.

Benefits of dental implants: -

  • Gets chewing perfection
  • Functions better than traditional dental bridges and dentures
  • Offers chief aesthetic results
  • Avoids the process of cutting down
  • Prevents the jaw bone from further resorption
  • Easily restores the patient’s self-esteem and confidence

In this, the dentist carefully examines the patient on which dental implant is associated and check whether that area is suitable for dental implants or not.

The treatment of modern dental implant which is delivered by the best dental hospitals in Mancherial is highly successful according to the experts. But, if the person has some bad habits like smoking, drinking, then there is a possibility which is contributed towards its failure. Indeed, various other factors like poor healing power and poor bone quality are associated with its failure.

Single tooth implants

The method of single tooth implant is given to those individuals who have one or more missing teeth. It is a surgical process in which the best dentist in Hyderabad surgically places an implant in an opening which has been made in the jawbone.

To get the best result in this process, there should be enough bones in the jaw which strongly support and hold the implant.

How this single tooth implant works?

This whole process consists of various parts which are undertaken by the best dental clinics in Kukatpally. They are: -

  • The implant- it is made up of titanium added to both upper and lower jaw.
  • The abutment- can be made up of three things- gold, porcelain and titanium. It will be attached to the implant with the help of screw and it is connected to the crown. It looks natural, but it is cut down to receive a crown.
  • The restoration- mainly made up of porcelain in which crown is cemented onto the abutment. The hole of the screw is covered with restorative material.

The time taken to complete the whole process of single tooth implants which is taken by best dentists in Guntur, depends on varied factors. But the minimum time is five months and it can go up to one year to the maximum.

Complete teeth replacement

Complete teeth replacement is one of the foremost methods by which all the teeth can be replaced of both the jaws or any one jaw. This process is somewhat difficult from all other implants according to the dental implants in Hyderabad.

In this, precision is the key to success. If all the teeth of the individual need replacement due to any reason, then this option is considered to be most effective by the best dentists in Mancherial.

It is the only option left with the person to restore his previous appearance, smile, and confidence.

The process of this treatment consists of: -

  • Diagnostic and planning by the best dental doctors in Kukatpally which can take several days or weeks.
  • The experts place six to eight implants in the upper jaw
  • Places four to six implants in lower jaw
  • Fabrication of fixed temporary bridges are done
  • Lastly, the teeth which look natural made up of porcelain, are fixed into these dental implants with the help of dental cement or screws.

We offer all these treatment at affordable cost with full satisfaction as your smile is very essential for us. Our doctors and staff are highly skilled so that you will not face any problem afterwards. Furthermore, we offer the best dental implants in Hyderabad with our best team of dentists.