Orthodontics - Dental Invisalign Treatment

Dental health is very much important nowadays, and the reason being is increasing cases of people seeking help with their dental structures. The adequately aligned dental structure is essential for anyone to look beautiful and elegant. We at Ethosdental, one of the best dental hospitals in Hyderabad regularly receive many patients concerned about their experience caused by the misalignment of their teeth.

Here I would like to share one of my client's experiences who visited me for his dental clip treatment.

Mr. Balakrishnan visited me (Dr. Pawwan Kumar Kagitha), orthodontist specialist at EthosDental. His primary concern was his appearance being distorted due to the misalignment of his teeth. He was in his early 30's and was quite conscious about his teeth. He came to me for a detailed consultation about the clip treatment for teeth.

Mr. Balakrishnan: Sir, I want my teeth to be aligned appropriately. As you are one of the best Orthodontist Doctors in town, can you help me with the same.

Me: Yes, we can help you with our experience, and it will start with some x-ray and examination of the current position of your teeth. Let's make you seated on the examination chair and let me have a closer look on your teeth.

He went for an x-ray and other tests in the dental clinic in Mancherial. While going through his reports and after having an in-depth consultation with him, I could able to make out that Mr. Balakrishnan, is not looking for perfection instead want to improve their jaw in aesthetics with the minimal time commitment.

Once identified the same, we started our procedure with the detailed pictures, original records, and teeth impressions. After completing our groundwork, I met him again and to rectify his alignment; I suggested Invisalign treatment to him.

Mr. Balakrishnan: Please tell me about the results and aligners.

Me: As per your current situation, I would like to suggest you 32 aligners to start through.

Mr. Balakrishnan: Please tell me more about the Invisalign treatments at Ethosdental, dental clinic in Hyderabad as this is entirely new to me. All I know is that metal braces with wires and other elements being fitted in the teeth for alignment,

Me: We will allow you to visit us many times and will be divided into different categories. The initial visits will be comprised of Invisalign involves placing small composite buttons on the patient's teeth. They are known to be short handle putting extra torque on teeth and can move them wherever we wanted to. Often we use interproximal reduction or IPR with buttons for the movement. This involves stripping or sanding the enamel between the teeth for relieving their contact by making space for better actions. Every patient's jaw requires some IPR and buttons for the treatment.

Mr. Balakrishnan: Perfect, so how much time it will take?

Me: 32 weeks

Mr. Balakrishnan: let's go for it

For 32 weeks (22 hours a day), we were involved in constant tear at Ethosdental best dental hospital in Bhimavaram. While performing the treatment and checking on improvement, I suggested Mr. Balakrishnan, to lengthened his treatment time. And here we decided to retake the impressions of the teeth as per their current position and look forward by sending the Invisalign for reworking the treatment plans. Going forward as per his reports, we could able to make out that he requires 16 more weeks to achieve his treatment goals.

After rigorous 48 weeks of treatments, he was able to see his teeth in good shape. He was ecstatic with the results.

Mr. Balakrishnan: Sir, you do miracles and the dentist in Mancherial. I feel confident today, Thank you so much.